Caught in the sunlight

Insects in the sunrays

Seedpods hanging from a tree

Sunlit maple leaves

These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous here in Victoria, Australia. I really do love Melbourne’s Autumns – it’s the best time of the year. Warm days, cool nights, beautiful colours, fog and mist, great sunrises and sunsets.  Our two maple trees have begun changing colour and this is the upright with the leaves caught by the sun one afternoon.

104-366 Maple leaves sunlight in the Autumn

Something simple

Even something as simple as the early morning sun backlighting the grass as I walk by is enough to capture my attention. What about you?

340-365 Grass in the sunlight


Sometimes the most simple things can make beautiful photos, but then again, it’s in the eye of the beholder. While the Scotch Thistle is a weed, I love the colours, particularly when the sun is highlighting it.

Scotch Thistle

Paper Daisy at sunset

I love wandering around our garden in the evenings as the sun is setting. Everything looks so lovely.  I got this shot of the Paper Daisy (complete with flies) as the sun was going down one recent evening.