The Cherry Laurel Tree

We have a magnificent tree in our backyard nestled next to the Lilly Pilly and easily as tall, if not taller.  For a long time we hadn’t really realised there was a different tree there. It wasn’t until Graham and I began working in that part of the garden that we noted some differences. This particular tree, if it has a branch hanging down to the ground will grow new roots and anchor the branch to the ground. Rather strange habit that one. It has beautiful columns of small white flowers in the spring that the bees and butterflies love. It comes alive at that time and is quite picturesque.

We began to research to find out what the tree was. Our neighbour didn’t know, although she’s very knowledgeable about plants and trees in this area and suspected it came from North America. She said the tree was here when she shifted in over 40 years ago. While it grows over her side of the fence it is very much a tree that is part of our garden and provides lovely shade, as well as protection for the birdlife that likes to rest in the tree. Eventually we learnt that it is a Prunus Laurocerasus or Cherry Laurel.  Apparently native to Southwestern Asia and Southeastern Europe.  It’s an evergreen species of cherry and dark in colour. It must fruit around the same time as the Lilly Pilly which will explain why we’d not really noticed the difference before.

Close up of the flowers
Cherry Laurel

The tree in its splendour.
Cherry Laurel

My husband has cut back the branches that were sprouting roots and we have now begun developing a garden, which will happily live in the shadow and shade of this beautiful tree.

Beautiful Sunset in Selby

I’ve been very busy since coming back from holidays and when I checked this blog found that something had gone awry with the theme template. Will have to fix it over the weekend. But it won’t stop me from posting as I need to get back into it. Thought I’d share with you this most beautiful sunset from tonight. These images were taken with me standing on a small rock so I was looking over my neighbour’s home.  And the sun was huge!

Sunset in Selby

Sunset in Selby

Sunset in Selby

Pied Currawong

These birds have been making quite a lot of noise recently in our area. Kind of a sad calling sound, calling to one another across the hills, almost echoing. The noise is unmistakeable but not annoying. They watch me as I walk around the garden and often follow me from tree to tree. You can hear their sound on this page. There’s a sound file on the right under the pictures and map.

Currawong in Liquidamber tree

Currawong in Liquidamber tree

Winter images in our garden

We have a variety of mushrooms popping up everywhere. Mainly tiny ones like the ones below. The larger of the three tiny ones has 3 very tiny yellow bugs on it. I’ll have to go out again with my macro to see if I can pick up what the bugs might be. The other is extremely large and nestled amongst the liquidamber leaves in our front garden.

Tiny mushrooms

Very large mushroom

Images of winter at home

I’ve not been outside much for a few days. We’ve had a lot of rain here and one day was extremely windy and very cold. Doesn’t make for a nice time to wander around the garden or elsewhere. Today I did get out a bit, between showers though and very quickly I discovered a rainbow. It showed up when the sun was shining for a bit. So glad I went outside.

Rainbow in Selby