More images of the Pelicans

Was delighted that they were there again yesterday morning at Birdsland Reserve.  And they were happy to pose for me too.

Posing for the camera

But I suspect they got tired of it quickly 🙂

That was a quack!

The two pelicans

Thought I’d share with you more shots I took the other day when I saw the two pelicans at Birdsland Reserve. They seemed to just glide through the water with very little movement – you could hardly tell they were moving for quite some time.

I was on the other side of the lake when I first noticed that a lady with her dog had stopped to watch these large birds on the lake.

Watching the pelicans

I moved as quickly as I could to the other side to get closer shots, without disturbing the birds.

A tale of two pelicans

A tale of two pelicans

A Tale of Two Pelicans

While at Birdsland Reserve earlier this week I saw, for the first time, two very large Pelicans gliding through the water. Absolutely gorgeous to watch. And then when they got to one section, one hopped up on a dead branch but the other pecked its tail to get it to move. The first jumped down and moved around the dead branches and the second jumped up rather clumsily to the same spot. Then the first found a new spot and together they groomed themselves. Seems even in the world of Pelicans there is a pecking order.

A Tale of Two Pelicans

Flock of Pelicans

While I was at Lysterfield Lake Park I saw a flock of pelicans fly from behind a tree and high up into the air.

Pelicans in flight

Pelicans in flight


It almost looks like their heads are touching.  It was preening time at the zoo.