Now, this is a turnaround. Kangaroos watching a cyclist pass them by. I thought it quite funny as I looked down on them from the top of the dam wall at Lysterfield Lake Park. The kangaroos are Eastern Greys and there are many at the park. Best time to see them out in the open is early morning or towards sunset.


Whistler Bikes

whistler bikes

In the winter it’s a ski resort, but in the summer Whistler is a MTB destination and they have lots of bikes for rent!

Seen at Lysterfield Park


I took a walk along Mahogany Track to see if I could see any different birdlife. But I was soon interrupted by this team of MTB riders.  My husband is the second from the front and thought I should have taken a photo of them as they were coming towards me. So I thought I’d take one as they were leaving me.

3 Mountain Bikers

Lysterfield July 25 (65)

3 riders on one of the many tracks at Lysterfield Lake Park. Some tracks are single tracks and some are much wider like this one which is actually more a road in the park.

Bendigo MTB Endurance Race



Out on the track.  I moved around to get different shots and angles of the riders as they rode past.