Sunrise from my office window

Love working at home. I get to watch the sun rise through my office window each morning, see the birds in the garden and watch the foot and car traffic pass by.

This sunrise happened a few days ago. I grabbed my camera as quickly as I could to race outside and get a clear shot. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Misty Sunrise in Selby

Crisp and Misty Morning

Went for a walk at Birdsland Reserve on Monday. It was 1.2C outside according to the Bureau of Meteorology site and I believed it! A bright but very cold Autumn morning. Rugged up with a woollen coat, gloves and hat pulled down over my ears. And as a reminder to how cold it was, my breath escaped visibly from me as I walked briskly along the path.

I had both my cameras with me, the long lens for close ups or longer distance and the short lens for wide angle shots.  Glad I had both with me.  Below are some of the views I saw on that morning as the sun rose.

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Beautiful Rainforest

I love the drive up to Monbulk from my place. And particularly so, when it’s misty and wet. The colours are so vibrant and the scenery so beautiful. I hope these images can give you just a glimpse of what I see on a regular basis. It is such a lovely area, driving through Sherbrooke Forest, here in the Dandenong Ranges.

Monbulk Road

Ferntree in the forest