Crisp and Misty Morning

Went for a walk at Birdsland Reserve on Monday. It was 1.2C outside according to the Bureau of Meteorology site and I believed it! A bright but very cold Autumn morning. Rugged up with a woollen coat, gloves and hat pulled down over my ears. And as a reminder to how cold it was, my breath escaped visibly from me as I walked briskly along the path.

I had both my cameras with me, the long lens for close ups or longer distance and the short lens for wide angle shots.  Glad I had both with me.  Below are some of the views I saw on that morning as the sun rose.

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

More to see at the lake

Here are just a few more images from the lake last week.

I’ve got my eye on you!

I'm watching you

Duck trails

Duck trails

Would love to get a close up of this bird. Maybe one day. It’s a Musk Duck. There are two of them currently at the lake. Hope that means some young ones too!

Musk duck

Small Black Cormorants at the lake

We wandered down to the beach once the sun had touched the water and saw a number of small black cormorants down by the boat launch, with many of them drying their wings in the new sunlight.

Black Cormorants drying

Small Black Cormorants

Cormorant dries its wings

Did you know they have green eyes?

Cormorants watching

As the sun rises

The building on the dam wall provides a great opportunity for watching the sun rise and seeing it bathed in gold once the sun has reached over the tree tops in the background.

The sun before it peaks

The sun about the peak

Peeking sun

The sun rises

White faced Heron surveys lake

Got this shot one day as I walked along the dam wall at Lysterfield Lake. The Heron was busy surveying the water but was very conscious of my presence too.

White-faced Grey Heron surveys lake