Kangaroo and Joey

This post is for the benefit of my overseas friends and followers.  While not all Australians get to see this site regularly I’m very blessed to live in an area where I can see kangaroos in the wild (well, it’s a national park) and get relatively close to them – close enough to photograph them.  I remain wary and watchful, they are wild animals after all and can be unpredictable, but all the same these ones are used to seeing humans in their territory on a regular basis.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Joey in pouch. Love it!

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Out for Breakfast

While I was out walking with my brother-in-law at Lysterfield Lake Park we saw several family groups of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, some with joeys in their pouches. I think it’s cute how the joeys stick their heads out of the pouch to get a feed too 🙂

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Joey

Mother Kangaroo and Joey

Especially for my overseas friends – thought you’d like to see what I saw last night while out for a walk. This Eastern grey female and her young one were busy watching cyclists ride on a path nearby and made a great study for me.

Mother kangaroo and joey

But then they got spooked and took off – so now you can see them bounding away.

Mother kangaroo and joey

Mother kangaroo and joey

And yes, it’s very green here as we’re still getting quite a bit of rain – which is good.

Swamp wallaby and baby

Can’t believe I missed a day in posting. I usually have posts ready to go but have been distracted these past couple of days with updating the site and new ideas for it. However, I would love to share with you this image of a swamp wallaby and joey. Wallabies are more thickset than kangaroos and shorter in stature. I think they’re quite cute.

I knew this wallaby was a mother as I’d seen the enlarged pouch before when visiting Sherbrooke Forest but this time was the first time I’d seen her baby. If you look carefully you can see its head has popped out of the pouch and it still has no fur around the head, so it must be quite young. I’m no expert on these animals so will have to do some reading up.

Would have liked to get a clearer and closer shot but she took off when I took a step closer. Maybe next time…

Swamp Wallaby and Joey

A chatty fellow

Well, he wasn’t really. He was busy chewing on grass and watching me as I came closer. But he does look like he’s talking to me doesn’t he? I chose this as my ‘pic of the day’.

204-365 Kangaroo close up

This one stayed right on the edge of the path where I was walking and didn’t move away like most of the others did. I watched it carefully, as it did me, and was able to get a good close up, albeit with my longer lens. I wasn’t going to get that close to him. Mind you, he was close enough for me to reach out and pat him – almost!

Kangaroo close up