Caught in the sunlight

Insects in the sunrays

Seedpods hanging from a tree

Attracting bees

There’s been growing concern over the shortage of bees in our country and elsewhere. It seems a number of things are responsible for it: weather, the use of insecticides, lack of govt funding for support and research, etc. This simply encourages me all the more to keep planting things that I know the bees would love. I was concerned when our willow tree seemed to be lacking in bees visiting when it first opened in flower but the bees did turn up eventually. And they’ve stayed, visiting all corners of our garden.

Here a bee is busy at work in a buttercup which grows wild on our lawns.
Bee in Buttercup

This is a buddleja in our neighbour’s garden. We’re waiting for ours to open up. They’re also known as the ‘butterfly bush’ but I believe the bees enjoy them as well.

Buddleja in flower

Working on my macro

Well, actually Nikon calls it a micro lens and it’s a 60mm AF-S lens. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it and want to learn to master this lens.  Lighting plays a key and at the moment I’ve been doing hand held but may have to consider using a tripod.

Below: Hoverfly and daisy; bee inside a flower and a bee on a lavender stalk.

Hover fly and daisy

Bee and rhododendron flower

Bee on lavender

More insects

There weren’t just the dragonflies though. I spied these two as I walked slowly along paths. I love looking for something different – things that people would normally miss because they’re engrossed in conversations, or their own thoughts or something.

I know the first is a beetle but not sure what the other is.

Beatle on a plant