Kookaburra in the early morning sun

The early morning sun hits various parts of our property as it rises above the trees across the road from our home. I love watching our garden being gradually bathed in sunlight.  A couple of mornings ago a kookaburra sat in the tree at the end of our driveway (one of their favourite trees) and I noticed the kookaburra lit up by the sun.  Naturally I had to get some shots.

Kookaburra in early morning sun

94-366 Kookaburra in early morning sun

Not sure if this last one is a comment on my watching it 😉 or whether it was a genuine yawn.

Kookaburra yawning

By the way, I’ll be at the Kallista Market tomorrow from 9am to 2pm if you’re exploring the Dandenong Ranges… weather willing that is.

Large cobweb on gum tree

I managed to capture this one in the park at our home.  It’s attached to a large gum tree and woven between the trunk and some hanging bark.