Why is this fig so important?

I hope you all had a great Easter break.  I even took a break from my blog here – family things happening, attending church services and also breaking in a new computer.  I’m still transferring stuff from the old one but am at about 85% capacity now.

Today’s photo was taken a couple of days ago. Our fig tree has had a lot of little Silver-eyes this year and I noticed that several were fighting over one particular fig – don’t know why. There are lots of figs on the tree still.  At any rate managed to get three of them in the one shot with this fig they were all keen on.

98-366 Why is this fig so popular?

Caught in action!

Another rainbox lorikeet in the fig tree – I have to tread carefully and quietly on the verandah and path below the tree so I don’t alert them of my presence until they hear the click of my camera!  By then I’ve caught them in action before they fly off.

Love those figs!

Rainbow Lorikeets are only one breed of bird that visits the Fig tree, there are others too. But these are so beautifully coloured and really stand out.


The figs on our tree have become attractive to the local birdlife now they’re almost ripe.  Waiting for the lower branches to ripen so we can have some!