Eastern spinebill in salvia

I’ve been away on holidays overseas and it’s taking me awhile to get through all the photos I took. However, I’m back to taking local photos now too.

This is an eastern spinebill in salvia in our garden. I love seeing the birds here all year round, even in winter, enjoying what our garden has to offer them.

Eastern Spinebill in Salvia

The Eastern Spinebill

A regular visitor to our garden it particularly loves the nectar from the Grevillea flower. I was fortunate not to be noticed in the shadow of a nearby tree, sufficiently, to get reasonable shots of this normally flighty bird.

Eastern Spinebill and Grevillea

I mentioned the Grevillea in my post yesterday on the Protea. Today I have shots of an Eastern Spinebill which is a small honey-eater, enjoying a Grevillea flower in our front garden. I can watch these from our office window but to get a good close up shot I have to be outside and much closer. They quickly flutter from flower to flower and will move off at an incredible speed if you startle them.  I was fortunate that this one hung around long enough for me to get a couple of shots before it took off.

Eastern Spinebill

221-366 Eastern Spinebill

Grey Fantail having fun

This cute little Grey Fantail let me follow it around the garden the other day and I was fortunate to capture a shot of it with its fantail on display.  You have to be quick!  And later I caught it in the birdbath having fun, although I couldn’t get very close for a better shot.  An Eastern Spinebill is watching the Grey Fantail at the birdbath.

Grey Fantail displays his tail

Grey Fantail enjoying a bath

Eastern Spinebill in the Camelia bush

Our Camelias are out in full bloom and the Eastern Spinebills love them.