Misty morning

I love how fresh everything is on a morning when the sun is rising and there is mist and sunrays.

Two of the photographers I walked with.

Early morning walk with the ducks

Visited Birdsland Reserve yesterday with some fellow photographers and love being there early morning, as the sun is rising and everything is fresh and new.

Sunrise at Birdsland Reserve

I’m trying to make sure I get exercise every day and a good way to do that is to go for a walk at the local reserve that has a lake. It’s just over 5km round walk from the outer carpark. The morning looked promising and I thought I’d get there before the sun reached over the hill.  I was rewarded.  Shown in the order it happened. I love cool crisp mornings like this one, with the mist rising off the water.  It’s quite beautiful, don’t you think?

Beautiful morning

We are now in the months of winter here in Australia and in my own state of Victoria, it has already gotten particularly cold, and wet. We had a long weekend this past weekend and Graham and I had nothing in particular planned. Just taking each day as it comes. Saturday and Sunday were days for staying indoors but Monday was beautiful. Clear morning where we live although much of Melbourne was covered by fog (we’re 200mtrs above sea level so was above the fog line initially) but as the sun touched things we did get a fog for a short time. Later we went for a walk and enjoyed the cool crisp but bright day. These images are what we saw as the sun touched our area.

The view across the road from us.

As the sun rises

These two shots are in our own garden.

Early winter morning by the Liquidamber

Pergola in the early winter's morning sunlight

As the sun rises

The building on the dam wall provides a great opportunity for watching the sun rise and seeing it bathed in gold once the sun has reached over the tree tops in the background.

The sun before it peaks

The sun about the peak

Peeking sun

The sun rises