Great Cormorants and Little Black Cormorants

So my last post talked about a family of Cormorants. Well, it seems, they were two different types of cormorants. The Little Black Cormorant below and, at the bottom, the Great Cormorant.  There is definitely a difference in size when you see them together, but not a massive difference. They enjoyed being together. This morning when I was back at the park there were four Great Cormorants on that same dead tree in the water and a smaller Little Black Cormorant diving in the lake.

Great Cormorant

Great Cormorant family

Great Cormorant

More cormorants

We pick up from yesterday’s post when the cormorant spied me and his friends began to leave the pier, one by one.



On the pier

These cormorants were enjoying the early morning sun until they realised they had company and eventually, one by one, left the pier.



woops, I’ve been seen!