Winter flowers

With winter upon us, the garden was looking drab there for a bit. We had to clear up a lot of dead and wet leaves on the pathways and driveway, but now they’ve been cleared up, the garden is looking more defined, and as we’ve really begun looking at the garden again, we can see colour is reappearing. We have bulbs popping up everywhere and I look forward to seeing them bloom forth in flower. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you, some of what we can already see.


Helleborus (Winter Rose)

Yellow Rose

Mist at the Lake

It really was very misty on Monday morning. Here are some more shots of my walk at Birdsland Reserve.

I think this one is my favourite shot.

Mist at the park

A Darterbird holds out its wings in the hope of drying them in the sun.

Mist at the park

And this duck is bathed in sunlight as the mist swirls.

Mist at the park

Crisp and Misty Morning

Went for a walk at Birdsland Reserve on Monday. It was 1.2C outside according to the Bureau of Meteorology site and I believed it! A bright but very cold Autumn morning. Rugged up with a woollen coat, gloves and hat pulled down over my ears. And as a reminder to how cold it was, my breath escaped visibly from me as I walked briskly along the path.

I had both my cameras with me, the long lens for close ups or longer distance and the short lens for wide angle shots.  Glad I had both with me.  Below are some of the views I saw on that morning as the sun rose.

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Misty morning at Birdsland Reserve

Winter images in our garden

We have a variety of mushrooms popping up everywhere. Mainly tiny ones like the ones below. The larger of the three tiny ones has 3 very tiny yellow bugs on it. I’ll have to go out again with my macro to see if I can pick up what the bugs might be. The other is extremely large and nestled amongst the liquidamber leaves in our front garden.

Tiny mushrooms

Very large mushroom

Misty mornings

I love those misty mornings with a promise of a beautiful Autumn day.  I’d heard someone had seen a number of photographers lined up along Lysterfield Road to capture the sunrise so thought that since I had to drop my husband off early to the train station in Belgrave, and I had a business meeting at 7am, I’d kill time in between by going to Lysterfield Road.  Sure enough, there was one photographer where I pulled up, capturing the mist before she left.  I had to leave later but before the sun peaked the hill 🙁 to get to my meeting on time, however I did get some lovely misty shots as the sky brightened.

Overlooking a misty paddock from Lysterfield Road

Overlooking a misty paddock from Lysterfield Road