Amazing discovery – 4 winged duck!

I made an amazing discovery yesterday! Who would have guessed I’d make such a discovery and get a shot of it too? It’s true! I was at Birdsland Reserve yesterday morning, one of my favourite haunts for bird life and landscape views and I saw some ducks take off from the second lake. I’ve been trying to get some good BIF (bird in flight) shots of ducks for some time so this was the day! I had my camera and 500mm lens poised to take shots and panned as they flew up into the air and passed me. It wasn’t till I got home that I made my discovery of the 4-winged duck. See for yourself!

Excitement set in. I’d not seen or heard of one before and wondered if others had? I showed it to my husband (who also works at home) and we marvelled over this new discovery.  I began wondering who I should contact, how I should expose this exciting image?  I shared it on some Facebook groups I belong to and uploaded to my Flickr account. I shared it on my Instagram account for others to see. 

Of course, when I looked at the other images I took, just a couple of clicks later the truth came out below. Two Australian Black Pacific Ducks that were flying in unison as they left the lake and flew past me towards the other lake beyond. Photography – it’s all about timing and position. 

Sigh, my excitement of my new discovery was short-lived and here was the explanation after all.  Makes for a good story, though, doesn’t it? 😉

Visiting the park

Love visiting Birdsland Reserve (formerly Birds Paddock) and my husband and I went for an afternoon walk this week. I usually do early morning walks but it’s nice to do so at a different time of the day sometimes.



Pied Cormorant

The Pied Cormorant is a common visitor to water areas in Australia. Sometimes known as a Shag too.

Watching me from its perch on high.

Leaving its perch to fly to the lake.

Great Cormorants and Little Black Cormorants

So my last post talked about a family of Cormorants. Well, it seems, they were two different types of cormorants. The Little Black Cormorant below and, at the bottom, the Great Cormorant.  There is definitely a difference in size when you see them together, but not a massive difference. They enjoyed being together. This morning when I was back at the park there were four Great Cormorants on that same dead tree in the water and a smaller Little Black Cormorant diving in the lake.

Great Cormorant

Great Cormorant family

Great Cormorant

More birds for the Gallery

I’ve been building up a Gallery of the bird life I find in a couple of parks not far from my home.  Birdsland Reserve, funnily enough, not named for its inhabitants, but rather for the family that used to own the land, by the name of ‘Bird’, and secondly Lysterfield Park.  You’ll find the two galleries here.

I’m delighted that I keep seeing birds I hadn’t seen at Birdsland Reserve before. I don’t know if this is because I’m a newcomer there (having only begun visiting regularly since early this year) or whether it’s because the birds are seasonal and, as each season turns, I begin to see a new wave of life there.

Over the past two weeks I saw a Great Cormorant for the first time and then today, saw the whole family on the bigger lake. I also saw Swallows darting around – I only noticed them for the first time a few days ago.  I hope to get much closer shots as my visits increase now that Spring has arrived.

Two swallows

Great Cormorant