Last of the Autumn colours

Winter has set in here in Victoria, Australia, and we’re experiencing cold days and nights, and rain, with a bit of sunshine here and there. Our first week of June had the equivalent of the average month of June’s rain. So will be interesting to see what pans out for the rest of the month.  Here, we’re planning to put in new rainwater tanks to help capture what our current tanks can’t hold, so we have plenty of water for the garden in the summer months.

These leaves are on the last Liquidamber to be losing its leaves here on our property. It’s always the last to change its colour and the last to lose its leaves. All the other deciduous trees are now totally bare. Our garden is covered in leaves and looking a bit drab but there are bulbs popping up here and there and I expect we’ll have some new colour from them soon.

Autumn leaves

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Last of Autumn

Winter has definitely been on the way for some weeks now. Cold days, cold nights, wind and rain and we’ve been getting the occcasional gorgeous Autumn day here and there. These are Autumn leaves from our Liquidamber tree in our garden.

Liquidamber Autumn leaves

As you read this post today, we’re busy getting ready for our daughter’s wedding which will be held this afternoon. Exciting day ahead for us!

Huge leaf

Saw this huge leaf on the ground at home the other day and wondered where on earth it had come from. Then as I wandered around the garden I noticed a tall tree at the side of our property that I’d not taken a lot of notice of in the past and realised the leaf must have come from there. It appears to be a maple of some sort – I’ll have to do some research to find out what type.

Because the tree is so tall and the leaves are high up, I hadn’t realised how big they actually are.

Maple leaf

Maple leaves

Colours of Autumn

Almost as soon as we walked into the gardens the signs of Autumn were evident with various bushes and trees displaying their colours magnificently.  I don’t know the names of all the plants and trees but will try to mention what I do know or found out.

I know these are both maples of some kind. Love the maples and there were many of them there.

The start of the Autumn colours at the park

Yellow is the colour

Beautiful Crepe Myrtle

Our Crepe Myrtle has turned the most beautiful colour. It probably won’t be long before it loses all of its leaves. Sunday was a beautifully glorious day with blue skies and the leaves look just wonderful with the blue background, don’t you think?

Crepe Myrtle in Autumn