Perched in the Photinia Tree

These birds are regular visitors to our garden. In fact, I believe they live on our property although I haven’t actually seen their nest. They are constantly on the watch for worms and yesterday, with the warmth of the sun, skinks were out too. In fact, we saw a skink scurry across the paved driveway minus its tail. Perhaps it was almost prey for a kookaburra, or another large bird.

Australian Laughing Kookaburra

Australian Laughing Kookaburra

The kookaburras don’t fly off as I approach but do watch me carefully before deciding to move off to another tree.

Close up to a Kangaroo

If you’re visiting Australia, in particular, Victoria, and would like to get up close to a kangaroo in the wild, then I encourage you to visit Lysterfield Lake Park in the early morning hours. Anytime from sunrise till about 9am you’ll see these beautiful animals grazing in their family groups, by the lawns, carpark, even down by the beach of the lake. Definitely on the walking tracks.

While I don’t recommend you try touching them, you could reasonably get to within a few metres of them to get a decent photo before they decide to take off. I use a 70-300mm lens most of the time so they look like I can reach out and touch them… almost!

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Kangaroo at the beach

Curious parrot

I was watching two Australian King Parrots in my garden and kept a distance so I wouldn’t scare them away.  Managed to get a few shots and moved in a bit closer at each click.  The male had noticed me and then took off and I thought that was that.  Imagine my surprise when he actually flew to the tree I was under and perched above me to see what I was doing.

A Wallaby and Joey III

Now at a slightly safer distance the mother stops to check my progress while her joey hops into the pouch for safety. Another wallaby is feeding nearby.  It was early morning and you can see the sunlight outlining them.

A Wallaby and Joey II

As they noticed I was getting closer (to try and get clearer shots) mother decided to turn away and move and joey followed.