Kookaburra portraits

I love watching the kookaburras in our garden. There are three of them currently that live here and with the colder and wet weather, they can often be seen perched on branches or old tree trunks, intently watching the ground for food sources (worms mainly).  Here are some images I took a couple of days ago.  The last one is a picture of concentration don’t you think?

A portrait of a kookaburra

A portrait of a kookaburra

A picture of concentration

Kookaburras at home

On that beautiful day Graham and I went out for a walk and in our garden and down the road we could see Kookaburras in trees. They are lovely birds with a unique sound that is like a clearing of the throat before they begin their famous laughing sound.

Australian Laughing Kookaburra

Australian Laughing Kookaburra

Australian Laughing Kookaburra

Two sets of eyes are better than one

Kookaburras have amazing eyesight.  Binocular type vision.  I love when they look at me – it’s like they’re looking down their beak and almost cross-eyed, producing a comical type look. They often live in family groups – I saw these two squabbling before I took their photos and I imagine they’re probably siblings.  These images were taken in my garden.

Two sets of eyes are better than one.

82-366 Two Kookaburras on watch

Things are looking up

Don’t know what caught their attention but these two both looked up at the same time. Probably a bird flying overhead but I didn’t look up to see. One of the kookaburras seems to have something hanging from its beak – almost looks like a hair or something.

183-365 Things are looking up - Kookaburras


Graham mowed the lawn on Saturday – he wanted to get it done before the weather turned, as we knew it was going to do. After he finished the Kookaburras turned up, as I knew they would. The freshly mowed lawn means that things such as worms, snails and other potential food are easily seen and enjoyed by these Australian birds. We have a family of kookaburras on our property and on this particular day four turned up, two in the park, and two in the willow tree at the back of the property.

This one had just eaten something off the ground and was getting ready to take off again when I got its picture. They seem to streamline their body ready for flight, as you’ll note the difference in its head and body shape in this picture compared to the next one.
Kookaburra close up

Got this one in the willow tree as the sun broke out between clouds.