Sunrise over Mt Dandenong

I was photographing an event one morning this week and when I looked out the window the sun was just peeking over the distant hills. I love the hint of rays in the shot too. This is looking toward Mt Dandenong, Victoria.

The quote is something the guest speaker said that morning and I figured sunrise shows it’s the start of a new day.


Puffing Billy Race 2015

It’s becoming an annual thing for me now, to photograph the Puffing Billy Race in May, here in Selby close to home. Last year I went to the Menzies Creek crossing and had to handle an umbrella while taking shots too, but this time round the weather was just perfect with a slight breeze and blue skies and fluffy clouds. So my husband, a colleague and I set up near the Trestle Bridge to watch the runners and the trains (two of them) pass by at the start of the race. Over 3,000 runners in this year’s event and the winner, Steve Kelly, beat the train, coming in at 42:47 mins. I believe the train was around 52 mins.  Always great to watch those who get involved.  Here are just a few shots from the race.

The first pack to come through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

The first train comes through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

Great to see the runners enjoying themselves.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

The second train after all the runners had passed through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

More images can be seen here.

Kangaroo and Joey

This post is for the benefit of my overseas friends and followers.  While not all Australians get to see this site regularly I’m very blessed to live in an area where I can see kangaroos in the wild (well, it’s a national park) and get relatively close to them – close enough to photograph them.  I remain wary and watchful, they are wild animals after all and can be unpredictable, but all the same these ones are used to seeing humans in their territory on a regular basis.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Joey in pouch. Love it!

_DSC0041 _DSC0042 _DSC0043

Kookaburra in the garden

This gorgeous bird and two companions were keeping watch in our garden this afternoon.  Love the kookaburras, such beautiful looking birds.


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Sunrise in Rowville

I attend weekly business breakfast meetings in Rowville each Thursday. The view from our breakfast room looks out over the golf course towards Mt Dandenong is around 57km (just over 35 miles). We get to watch the sunrise each morning – some are a non-event, some quite lovely. But this morning’s was nothing less than spectacular. See for yourself!

D71_1222  D71_1223