Australasian Darter Birds

I really enjoy walking at Birdsland Reserve, in Belgrave.  Always something to see, no matter the time of day. I’m usually there as the sun is rising and hits the lakes, roughly about 40mins after official sunrise. Lots of birdlife, beautiful lakes and bush life. Occasionally a kangaroo, haven’t yet seen an echidna yet. One day…

Male darterbird in flight

Male darterbird with fish

Male darterbird

Documenting Birdsland Reserve

I’ve been spending the past month walking at Birdsland Reserve, Belgrave Heights, and gradually photographing all the birds I’ve been seeing there.  I thought it would be good to create a gallery of the bird life there.  I hope you agree.  You’ll find the gallery here.

This is a male Australasian Darterbird.

Australasian Darterbird

And this is a female. Their feet almost look jelly like. Quite amazing.

Australasian Darterbird

This is the first time I’ve seen one of these in flight.

Darter Bird in flight