Swamp wallaby and baby

Can’t believe I missed a day in posting. I usually have posts ready to go but have been distracted these past couple of days with updating the site and new ideas for it. However, I would love to share with you this image of a swamp wallaby and joey. Wallabies are more thickset than kangaroos and shorter in stature. I think they’re quite cute.

I knew this wallaby was a mother as I’d seen the enlarged pouch before when visiting Sherbrooke Forest but this time was the first time I’d seen her baby. If you look carefully you can see its head has popped out of the pouch and it still has no fur around the head, so it must be quite young. I’m no expert on these animals so will have to do some reading up.

Would have liked to get a clearer and closer shot but she took off when I took a step closer. Maybe next time…

Swamp Wallaby and Joey

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