Sunrise at Kallista

For a few weeks now I’ve been eyeing off the sunrises in the morning as I take my husband to the train station, wondering where I could go to get a clear view of them. The trip is surrounded by tall trees and hills and I only see glimpses, but then I remember a lookout at the end of a road higher up, on a street where we nearly bought a house. It’s a good 10 min drive from our home. I chose a morning when I knew Graham was riding his bike to work so I didn’t have to go to the station first and headed up to Kallista. I wasn’t disappointed.

This overlooks the valley where The Basin and The Patch are located, over towards Monbulk and beyond. There are clouds laying low in the valleys. I was using my 18-55mm for this shot.

46-365 Sunrise at Kallista from Ridge Road

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