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Well, you could win something – I run occasional competitions and am able to contact email subscribers direct.

Subscribing by email means it arrives in your inbox daily rather than having to remember to read your RSS feed or go to the site on a daily basis.

I do have it set up to publish at Facebook but the application doesn’t always work as it should which I do find frustrating. However, it is good to see the number of ‘likers’ at Facebook and opens up more discussions amongst us.

The email subscription function on the blog does work and you can see what I post daily in your inbox every day.  To comment on a particular post, just click on the title of the post in the email body and it brings you back to the blog so you can leave a comment. And bloggers do love getting comments!

The email subscription link is the envelope icon on the right-hand side of the blog at under ‘subscribe here’.  Better still, why not subscribe here now?  With an average of over 1100 visitors a month, would be great to see many more subscribing.  Thanks!

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