Submitting to Stock Photo Sites VI

Thought I’d give another update.

Well, I’ve got some photos that have now sold several times over.  So it’s starting to pick up. Time for me to upload more images and keep building my stock.

Interesting though, that I heard from yet another stock agency overnight.  I’d loaded images to them weeks ago and had forgotten about them.  They’ve now got back to me and accepted 7 out of 27 images.  So I went to see what ones they’d accepted and rejected.  Out of the ones they rejected most of them had a reason of ‘composition’ listed and nothing else. That could mean anything. But the funny thing was that several of the images they’ve rejected have sold several times over at other agencies.

So, if you’re like me and just starting out with this whole stock photography scenario, make sure you submit to several sites, not just one or two and don’t despair when you get pics rejected. If they give you reasons take note of the reasons and improve where you can but if the reasons really give no clue, just shrug your shoulders and move onto the next agency – they may just accept the photo and sell it, just as I’ve had happen!

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