Seen at Lysterfield Park


I took a walk along Mahogany Track to see if I could see any different birdlife. But I was soon interrupted by this team of MTB riders.  My husband is the second from the front and thought I should have taken a photo of them as they were coming towards me. So I thought I’d take one as they were leaving me.


  1. Beverly Mahone says:

    Graham is really into biking. How long has he been doing it? Does he compete? On a team? Or is this just a past time? I agree with Graham about the photo. I would’ve loved to have seen the faces of these gentlemen. Are they smiling–grimmacing or just on cruise control. Otherwise, I really do admire your photography.

  2. Yes, Graham competes as well as does recreation biking. He cycles to work 5 days a week and often does two MTB rides on the weekends. The links regarding MTB on this blog relate to races he’s been in – I’m the team’s official photographer.

    He’s been riding for a long time but only doing mountain biking since his 50th when we all clubbed in together to buy his first MTB bike. He now owns several bikes – it began an obsession and one that I’m happy about.

    One of the riders above is actually a lady named Linda and they were pretty much in cruise control enjoying a beautiful spring like day (it’s still winter here).

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