Rainbow Lorikeet

Thought I’d post some more images from the other night. I don’t usually get so close to these beautifully vibrant coloured birds.  They are partial to flowering gums and fruit trees. I sometimes see them in our fig tree when the fruit is ripe, and our neighbour’s flowering gum tree – but always at the top of the tree, never close up. So I was delighted that one had come to pay a visit at our friend’s home close to where we were sitting for dinner.

Some information from my favourite Australian Bird website:

The Rainbow Lorikeet is unmistakable with its bright red beak and colourful plumage. Both sexes look alike, with a blue (mauve) head and belly, green wings, tail and back, and an orange/yellow breast. They are often seen in loud and fast-moving flocks, or in communal roosts at dusk.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet


  1. Wow these are beautiful birds. Very unique in colouration as well. The most colourful bird I’ve ever seen was a humming bird! I guess you were in luck that night, not only that you noticed the bird, but that you were able to catch it in your lens!

    • Kathie Thomas says:

      Thanks Daniel. I rarely go anywhere without my camera and fortunately my friends are used to me pulling the camera out at any time.

  2. I love parrots, and you are so lucky to be in a country that has an abundance of parrots. My husband and I share our lives with two Brazilian parrots, a black headed caique and a sun conure.

    I have traveled to Australia several times . . . my favorite is the sulfer-crested cockatoo and the rainbow lorikeet.

    You have captured the lorikeets with great detail in the feathers and the coloring is spectacular. Keep photographing those parrots.

  3. Kathie Thomas says:

    Thanks Kandace. They are beautifully coloured, that’s for sure. And I have quite a few Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos on this site – just click on a tag on this blog to the right or check the categories list.

    Thanks for visiting – much appreciated.

  4. Wonderful photos. Love the Lorikeets. They have a great summer exhibit of Australian Lorikeets in the warm months where you get to feed them at the Philadelphia Zoo. That is one of my favorite places to visit.

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