Photography Glossary

I mentioned Australian Photography Magazine a couple of weeks ago. They have launched a new website with competitions, events, exhibitions and lots of other things listed.  On it is a very useful glossary on photography that I thought you might find useful.

It also mentions some famous photographers, both present and in the past.  I belong to another group which has a photographic challenge each month and we have to produce an image in the likeness of a famous photographer’s style or with a particular topic, i.e. black on black for example (at the time of writing this I was still thinking on that).

One month was in the likeness of Henri Cartier-Bresson who progressed from painting to photography and in particular, black-and-white imagery and photojournalism. This photo to the right was my entry for that particular month topic.  It was taken on the weir wall at Lysterfield Lake Park.

I really enjoying learning so much about this much loved hobby, addiction, pastime and lifetime vocation of photography.

What do you enjoy about photography the most?

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