Photo Collage

Got a message the other day via this site from a man about software his company has developed. It’s for creating photo collages but let him tell you in his words:

We at have developed a free online service that lets you create collages from your photos easily. We’re trying to spread the word about our service, and we think readers of Kathies Photos Blog would be interested in what it can do.

We’ve put extra effort into giving users a quality selection of predefined templates and options for customization. It’s very easy to use too: select one of the many collage templates, add your photos and then customize by dragging items around. After the collage is finished, it’s available for download.

If you choose to post a review about Photovisi, you’ll be the first to know about any major updates or changes we make to the site before they go live.



Well, I had a play with it and this is just the first one I’ve done. It’s been printed and framed and looks really lovely. The only thing I should have done differently and didn’t notice till I printed it is separate the two black background images but apart from that, quite happy with it.  Of course, you can be a lot more adventurous than me and do different shaped collages but I went for something simple to start with.



  1. Karen O'Bannon says:

    They’re still cute.

  2. Karen O'Bannon says:

    It reminds me of a quilt.

  3. Karen O'Bannon says:

    They’re still cute. The lighting is awesome.

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