Photo a day

Fortunately for me, I take more than one photo a day, any time I’m out with my camera. Which was every day till my accident on 12th December. So I’m going to share with you photos I haven’t published here before and hoping that soon I’ll get creative, even in my limited movement for more new shots.

This is a rose outside my office window – I took it one morning as the sun was reaching our garden.  It’s as fragrant as it is beautiful.

Rose in sunlight


  1. Marie Cumming says:

    Very very scary Kathie! That park looks very much like one that a friend and I walked in recently – we found some really rough terrain but all that happened to us (fortunately!) was exhaustion. We haven’t ventured back there again yet. Will make sure we always have a phone with us though – excellent precaution – where would you have been without THAT!!!!
    Hope your recovery is swift and that the pain is very minimal and manageable.
    Amazing photos, by the way – your usual gallery I mean.

  2. Gorgeous. I just love the wonderful colors that radiate off the petals. Lovely.

    I sure hope you’re getting better too. Please do that for me. Don’t like to hear you’re hurting and physically not well!

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