New joeys

Recently I was fortunate to get two pictures of fairly new joeys. While they weren’t newborns, they certainly didn’t have their fur yet and the pink tones of their skin were showing on their heads as they peeped out of their mother’s pouches. From what I can gather they are only a few months old, certainly not yet ready to leave the pouch.

The Eastern Grey kangaroo and joey were seen at Lysterfield Lake Park and the Swamp Wallaby at Sherbrooke Forest near Grant’s Picnic Grounds. There are mothers and babies everywhere in the parks at this time of the year.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Joey

222-365 Swamp wallaby and joey


  1. Hi Kathie-

    You have always been one of my favorite Social Networking friends – for years now! LOL

    Thank you for sharing your love of photography with us, and the wonderful wildlife and scenery from your country!!

    God Bless,


  2. Thanks Sally. I’m so glad you enjoy seeing them.

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