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Today’s post is somewhat different.  I wanted to tell you a bit about what I’ve been up to lately with my photography.  So many things have been catching my interest and my passion.  I am happy to tell you I am now walking again – without a crutch in hand.  I still take it with me when going to unfamiliar places and will when I start walking on tracks again (hopefully very soon), but around home, in the garden and family places I am confident enough to walk without aid.  My physio is happy with my progress. She says this past week I’ve turned a corner – and I really feel I have.  Yay!

I was recently in the chemist returning the crutches when I got asked how I broke my leg. I responded with the story of what happened and why I was there and an older woman came closer to listen. Both she and the pharmacy assistant asked questions about my photography and the older woman remarked wistfully how she’d always loved photography but wasn’t good at it. I gave them both my business card – who knows if they’ll buy something?  The point is, having business cards on you all the time, is very important. With a mfa degree you can get a Business Marketing Degree and learn ways to expand your business.

And my walking again is just in time too. Next Saturday (17th March) Grassroots Market has their seasonal event on.  It’s St Patrick’s Day so I’ll be dressed in green, as many other participants will be. I’m told we’re all going to be given green hats too.  And my marquee is green – not because of the day – but because I thought it fit my theme of nature well. The banner of “Dandenong Ranges Nature Photography” will be fixed to the front and if you’re local and able to make it to the market, I hope you’ll drop by to say hi!

So, the last thing I want to mention in this post is that I now have a new Etsy Store. If you don’t know Etsy I can assue you, you will fall in love with it.  Everything is hand made, created, recycled, etc by the people who own the stores.  I first visited it last year to buy a camera bag there (which I love) not dreaming I’d end up opening my own store. My youngest daughter suggested I should (thanks Ange!) and now I’m hooked.  I’ve begun seeking earnestly different suppliers so I could develop a wide range of products with my images on them and the catalogue is growing. The images below will give you a clue but if you’d like to see the full shop you can visit it at  Most of these items will be on display at the market I mentioned above so you can come see them if you wish, or simply order online. Enjoy!

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