Nature blog carnival

If you’re a nature photographer, or you know someone who likes to take photos of nature, and you write a blog, please tell them about our Nature Photoblog Carnival.  Entries are nearly closing – and we’ll be posting the submissions here Monday week.

To submit an entry simply go to and fill out the form.  You can submit your photoblog entry to be included in the Blog Carnival post on Monday 5th March.


  1. Kathy:
    I’ve tried to submit a post 4 times through the link you gave and it won’t ‘take’
    The code is impossible to read so I might have typed it incorrectly and the sound doesn’t play on my browser (Firefox). I hope you’ll take the submission this way.
    Title: Piedmont NWR: The First Dimpled Troutlily (Erythronium umbilicatum) Of Spring
    Submitter: Joan Knapp

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