Nature Blog Carnival Feb 2012

Welcome to the first post for the new Nature Blog Carnival.  We have a few entries and I’m sure it will grow as the months go by.  Please do visit the sites of each submission and encourage them as well.  The list is small but it will grow. There were a couple of others who wished to submit but I haven’t heard back from them with their particular posts.

I’ve now got this blog carnival also registered at and hopefully we’ll have many other nature photographers join us soon too.

Joan Knapp brings us ‘Savannah National Wildlife Refuge: The Evening Before‘ on her blog Anybody Seen My Focus.  Joan shares some history on the area. I particularly like her shots ‘Looking across the marsh’ and the last image of the ‘plants growing in the water’.

I wish to highlight my own post where I did a series on Other Cockatoos.  I’d been filling in the days with images from the past year or so while I was unable to venture outside with my camera, after my accident.  I hope you enjoyed those posts.


  1. Great post enjoyed it, am an avid bird watcher myself… haven’t ever participated in a carnival though!

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