More of Lysterfield Lake Park

You will have heard about the flooding at the park if you’ve been reading any or my blogs or at Facebook. I’m Secretary of the LysterfieldMTB club and so the park has a special interest to me, apart from being able to walk there and take photos. It does concern me that people ignore the signs that have been put up – it’s for their own protection as well as the protection of the park. Perhaps they don’t appreciate just how damaged the park trails are and so the photo below will probably assist in giving you some idea.

Damage at the park

However, Lake Track and Logans Road are both now open, as of a week ago, for walkers and riders so that is a good thing. And we just need to be patient for the rest to be re-opened, pending insurance assessment and repairs being carried out. Trailbuilds are now back on with the LysterfieldMTB club so if you want to be involved, why not join the forum and learn more about the work being done at Lysterfield?

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