Missing an arm

My zoom lens is in for repair at the moment. The manual ring is jammed although the autofocus works fine. My husband thinks it may be the gearing mechanism and the spring might have got caught. Whatever the problem I’m missing it as it is my favourite lens and the one I use the most.

So, I’ve had to learn to adapt back to my regular 18-55mm lens and have been experimenting with that for the past couple of weeks. The recent flower and garden images you’ve been seeing are from my regular lens. I guess I should be practicing with my macro too!

It makes sense to get familiar with all your lenses but it’s most likely you’ll end up with favourites and it’s not until you haven’t got access to them for awhile that you have to learn to adapt and use something else. Almost like missing an arm for awhile. I hope it gets better real soon and I have it back again!

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