Make it RAW month

In March I’m going to endeavour to take all of my photos in RAW, rather than JPEG format.  I’ve been reading and learning a lot.  Belonging to forums like the Australian Photography Forum is a great place to hang out as it has a mixture of experienced and newbie photographers as well as professional and amateur photographers.  There’s a core group of us who are regular there (moi being one of them) and I love sharing my photos as well as looking at those of others.

I really am enjoying photography very much and keen to learn as much as possible. I am in awe of those who get such fantastic closeups and wonder what I can do to make mine like theirs.  I have similar tools but obviously still have a lot of practice to do.  So, making it RAW for a month (or however long I can last) is my endeavour to practice new photo processing (pp) skills and enhance/improve on my photography.

If you have hints and tips you’d like to share on shooting RAW photos, or processing them, why not leave your comments here to share with us all.

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