Last of the Autumn colours

Winter has set in here in Victoria, Australia, and we’re experiencing cold days and nights, and rain, with a bit of sunshine here and there. Our first week of June had the equivalent of the average month of June’s rain. So will be interesting to see what pans out for the rest of the month.  Here, we’re planning to put in new rainwater tanks to help capture what our current tanks can’t hold, so we have plenty of water for the garden in the summer months.

These leaves are on the last Liquidamber to be losing its leaves here on our property. It’s always the last to change its colour and the last to lose its leaves. All the other deciduous trees are now totally bare. Our garden is covered in leaves and looking a bit drab but there are bulbs popping up here and there and I expect we’ll have some new colour from them soon.

Autumn leaves

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  1. Yep – it ain’t winter round here till those Liquid Ambers are bare! Great photos mate 🙂

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