It’s not all drab at winter time

I’ve been looking at what flowers this time of year and what might be suitable to plant in small bunches outside our picket fence. I don’t want anything that will grow too large and I’m happy for it to die away again till the next winter. At this time of year our trees are bare and so our front garden is looking a little drab. Adding some colour for winter will be a great thing to do. Below are some flowers in our garden or next door that are currently out in flower.

Polyanthus. Belongs to the Primrose family. Loves it sunny and cold. So a perfect time for it to flower currently.

188-366 Blue flower

Penstemon produces tall spikes covered with long, tubular five-petaled flowers, which may be red, pink, lavender or white.


Jonquil. Like a daffodil only smaller and very fragrant.

Yellow Jonquils

Salvia. Apparently a herb and a member of the mint family. I know some of them are quite fragrant and there are many varieties. This would be too large to put along our picket fence but will nicely fill up spots that are too open. There are different species that flower in the various seasons. I don’t know which one this is as the Salvia Society website only lists them by name but not by colour. It is pretty though.

Pink Salvia


  1. Beautiful flowers, beautiful photos. I liked the Salvia most. Hope I will smell it soon!

  2. Lovely colours Kathie, I particularly like the way you capture the light on the flowers! Thank you for sharing.

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