Holiday Season – Lysterfield Lake Park

One of my favourite places to visit. Literally only 10 mins from where we live but it’s not a long hike from the city of Melbourne either.  Lysterfield Lake Park is popular for so many reasons:  walkers, runners, mountain bikers, people coming to have a picnic, relax, swim in the warm weather, learn to sail, kayak, bird watching, enjoy the Australian scenery, watch the wildlife and so on.  I love to go bush walking as well as do nature photography and there are long walks and short ones. Same with those mountain biking – there’s a pump track, flat tracks, hilly tracks and ones for those who are very experienced in mtb.  The Commonwealth Games Track has its home there also.

I particularly like being there early morning when the wildlife is still out roaming, and when there is a mist rising from the lake as the sun begins to rise. But sunset is another great time. Actually any time is, it’s a great park. There is also a cafe and bike shop called Trailmix which is popular with all who visit the park. Main entrance is off Belgrave-Hallam Road onto Horswood Road. There are several car parks available.

The park has a very active MTB club and all are welcome to join.


Shy Echidna

Yachts on the lake

Family having a picnic on Australia Day


Male Superb Fairy Wren

Sunset at Lysterfield Lake

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