Holiday season – Grant’s Picnic Ground

Grant’s picnic ground is in Kallista, and is part of Sherbrooke Forest. To get to it you need to drive through Belgrave up Monbulk Road, or through Monbulk and down Monbulk Road. It’s just near the roundabout in Kallista.

This is a popular tourist spot and every day you’ll see tourist buses there with loads of tourists pouring out of the buses to go for walks, explore the kiosk with its lovely tempting food and many beautiful tourist gift items to buy, plus squealing at the birds as they feed them. The birds scratch!  So you really do need to wear long sleeves when planning to visit, especially if you want to feed the birds. It’s a lot of fun, you get up close to them and they are beautiful to see.

The bird seed can only be purchased at the kiosk – you must not bring your own.  And it’s important you only feed the birds in the designated areas.

For those who want to go for walks, there are lots of tracks, there are seats to sit on, bbqs to use and beautiful sites to see.  Below are examples of what you can expect to see at this lovely place to visit.

Grant's Picnic Ground

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo



2 galahs with eastern rosella

Path to walk

A wallaby

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