Great use of a fisheye lens

I hang around various forums online. Not all are photography forums, some relate to my work as a Virtual Assistant and others relate to things of interest, and in this case, mountain biking. Regular readers will know that my husband is a mountain biker but currently not participating in events as he’s recovering from a serious accident of over 5 months ago.

However we did go visit his Team Sally mates at the Rockhop 2011 MTB Enduro last Sunday and while there I took over 600 photos of the riders and have now posted some of those shots online for viewing and purchase. I was chatting at the Rotorburn forum (MTB) to let them know I’d been at the event but also to catch up with the chats there and discovered some fellow photographers in a couple of threads. One thread in particular had a great link to a blog post about a photo taken in Austria using a fisheye lens. Now it’s got me wondering if I should get one 🙂

Tristan says:

This photo was taken on June 3, 2008, and despite the many questions I’ve been asked surrounding the way it looks, I can confirm that no, it is not fake.

In 2008 I spent 6 months travelling through Europe. I’d just turned 18, I’d just finished school, and I was just desperate to get out of Sydney to explore the world. So I did what many people my age do; I booked a one-way flight to Europe. While there I spent time in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia, Vatican City, Scotland and England (technically not Europe but close enough for me), and Austria, which is where this photo was taken.  Click here to read the rest and see the picture he’s talking about.

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