Garden in Selby

Well, after several days offline and having recently moved house, I’m back to posting regularly.  My husband and I shifted last weekend to a beautiful small town in the Dandenongs called Selby.  The next few photos are of flowers in our garden and also some of our beautiful surroundings. Enjoy!

This is the same rose, a few days apart.


  1. Thanks Sherry, much appreciated. I look forward to our future as grandparents and retirees in this new home and property. I want to see children laughing and having fun in our own gardens and being able to run around, make a lot of noise and not bother the neighbours.

  2. You have your paradise! Dear Father do protect and over shadow Your provisions for Kathy and Graham. Bless them and may all who set foot on their property feel the warmth of Your presence always.In Jesus name, amen.

  3. Debbie Stevens says:

    I agree with Sherry, its your own paradise!

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