Fat kookaburra

I was looking out my back porch the other morning and thought I saw a very fat kookaburra.

I titled this shot ‘I know it’s down there somewhere’.  The Kookaburras have amazing ‘binocular’ vision and can see things from a distance.  I can’t even see a worm moving along in the grass from a couple of feet but they do from greater distances.

I know it's there somewhere

I was pondering how fat this kookaburra looked when it shifted and revealed a second one beside it.

186-365 Two Australian blue-winged Kookaburras


  1. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    !Awwww! They’re so cute! I love the ‘fat’ birds around here – the fat ones are the cute ones.

    But kookaburra – that’s like a mythical creature to me. We sang about them in elementary school. And you have them out back! That is so cool!!!

  2. I love all the birds you are posting! They are so different from ours it’s great to see them. The ones up here are really cute!

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