Eastern Rosellas

Eastern Rosellas

At Ferntree Gully Park, near 1,000 steps, these birds forage on the lawns and hang around for leftovers from picnics.  They allow you to come fairly close before calling out to each other and taking off.


  1. Patricia Fox says:

    What a beautiful bird picture! They aren’t easy to capture but you did a great job with this one! I also must say that I love seeing the brightly colored birds in your pictures! They are beautiful. We get many beautiful birds around here (Michigan, USA) but nothing so colorful and “tropical” looking!

  2. Kathie says:

    Thanks Patricia. Yes, birds can be challenging to photograph. They don’t keep still in one place for too long. Wait till you see the photos coming up in a few days of another very brightly coloured bird!

  3. The Eastern Rosellas are breathtaking! You have a natural eye (and I am sure lots of patience) for taking a picture like this.

    How long did it take to capture this?

    Beautiful, Kathie, just beautiful.

    Heidi Richards Mooney

  4. Didn’t take that long at all Heidi. I have a good zoom lens (55-200mm) and these birds are used to humans being around as they seek out tidbits from picnics and such. So they will forage on the ground and perch in trees nearby and are relatively easy to photograph – providing there’s no-one else around making sudden noises (like children running and screaming, lol)

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