Digital Download purchases now available

Have you seen photos you really liked and wondered if you could purchase a copy?  Now you can.  I’ve been working through the posts at this blog and adding some of my best shots to a new digital download store for you to purchase.  Images come in two sizes:

High resolution: Approx 14.3 x 9.5 inches (113cm x 65cm) and usually around 6-12megs in size.  $50AUD
(Prints well to 20 x 30 inch frame)

Low resolution: Approx 7.15 x 4.75 inches (56cm x 37.6cm) and usually around 1.5 – 4megs in size.  $20AUD.
(Prints well to 8 x 10 inch frame)

Two examples below.

Buy this image in high res Add to Cart
Buy this image in low res Add to Cart


Buy this image in high res Add to Cart

You’ll find the images that can be purchased as you look through the blogposts. All new blogposts will indicate if the image is available for purchase.

You can also visit my RedBubble site to purchase framed or canvas prints of your favourite shots.

If you’ve seen an image on this site but cannot work out if it’s available for sale, please do contact me direct via the Contact page to make your request.

By the way. Did you know that I’m available for bookings? If you are wanting a photo of a particular Australian item, i.e. bird, wildlife, landscape, please do ask. I can meet you where the photo is to be taken, or if you are further away, organise to do the shoot for you. Prices on request.

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