Photo site has new look

My photography site, which is separate to this blog, has now got a new look.  I encourage you to go visit to have a look around.

I have quite a few photos listed at stock photo sites now, which are linked at the photography site.  And you can purchase prints and cards via my Red Bubble portfolio or other items at CafePress.

Your feedback is welcomed.

Update on Stock Photography

Well, my submissions have slowed down but the sales are happening.  I now have a total of 161 images up for sale at 9 different sites and have sold a total of 34 photos across 6 of those sites. Not big earnings but at least a step in the right direction.  And I’m finding that some of those images have sold more than once.  Photos I took while in Canada and Alaska last year as well as Australian images.  This is indeed encouraging and it’s time I uploaded some more.  I guess if I wasn’t working fulltime I’d have more time to play around with this, but I am encouraged to see that photos are selling.  I’ve even had someone contact me via one site to see if he could buy an image for personal use but after responding to him with a price, never heard back from him again. Oh well.

Below is one of my most recently sold images.

Stock Photograpy VII

Just another tip for you.

I was checking my stats at the individual sites to see if any more sales were generated and noticed I still had some pending files at some of the stock sites.

Even though iSyndica submits to the sites, not all the sites accept the photos straight away. Some of them require you to add categories, others need you to just add the keywords you’ve submitted into the format they need and then submit for approval.

One site seems to have misplaced over 70 or more of my images that have been submitted and I’ve sent a support request to find out where they are. I’ve paid for credits at iSyndica to submit to 8 different sites now and most of them are working fine but one doesn’t appear to be.

So, it makes sense to log in to each account periodically and check the status of submitted images and see if any are pending waiting for you to do something else before they’re accepted.

And not all of the sites notify you if photos have been rejected or submitted, or even sold.  I can say I think that and have the best submission processes and one even has a keyword helper if you haven’t already done that part at the iSyndica end.  On that point, may I remind you it’s far quicker and better for you to do all the keywording and descriptions at iSyndica so you don’t have to do each individual photo at each photostock site – it really slows the process down otherwise.

Some of the sites aren’t very intuitive and you have to hunt around for your pending files.

Submitting to Stock Photo Sites VI

Thought I’d give another update.

Well, I’ve got some photos that have now sold several times over.  So it’s starting to pick up. Time for me to upload more images and keep building my stock.

Interesting though, that I heard from yet another stock agency overnight.  I’d loaded images to them weeks ago and had forgotten about them.  They’ve now got back to me and accepted 7 out of 27 images.  So I went to see what ones they’d accepted and rejected.  Out of the ones they rejected most of them had a reason of ‘composition’ listed and nothing else. That could mean anything. But the funny thing was that several of the images they’ve rejected have sold several times over at other agencies.

So, if you’re like me and just starting out with this whole stock photography scenario, make sure you submit to several sites, not just one or two and don’t despair when you get pics rejected. If they give you reasons take note of the reasons and improve where you can but if the reasons really give no clue, just shrug your shoulders and move onto the next agency – they may just accept the photo and sell it, just as I’ve had happen!

Submitting to Stock Photo Sites V

An update on the progress of my stock photo submissions. I have a total of 93 photos submitted across 7 different sites now.  My submissions have slowed down – I need to go through more photos and view them at 100% to make sure they are suitable for submission.

I’ve bided my ‘wait’ time for and have resubmitted again in the hope I’ll get in this time – based on successful photos on one of the other more stringent photostock sites.

I’ve sold a total of 11 photos in June for the grand sum of $3.01USD.  It’s a start!