Popular with dogs too

Regular visitors at Birdsland Reserve include dogs and their owners. Quite a variety of dogs and most are very happy looking and obviously love their time at the park. I’m tempted to do a study of the dogs there 🙂 Here are a small selection of them.

Zoe the dalmation

Happy dogs at the park

And this one was taken in much warmer weather.

Dog enjoys the water

And this is Ned who goes totally psycho whenever he sees me. Very happy dog.


A study of dogs

Periodically I like to pick on a subject and get shots through the day of that one subject. In this case, dogs. I was recently at the Seville Festival and the day was rather slow so spent time checking out all the dogs that passed by my stall.  These are some of them.

A study of dogs

A study of dogs

A study of dogs

And this was my favourite

A study of dogs

Only a mother could love this face

Saw this cutie waiting outside a cafe for its owner. Very placid, happy to pose for me.

Only a mother could love this face

Young Siberian Husky pup

Over the weekend our youngest daughter visited and she was also babysitting a friend’s young pup, approx 7 weeks old. A gorgeous Siberian Husky.  Pity they don’t stay that way forever 🙂  One of our cats didn’t take too kindly to him and was going to have him for supper we thought, but we managed to prevent anything happening.  Here he is in the arms of our daughter and also looking to see where the cat had gone – totally oblivious to the danger he’d been in.


Roque and Angie

Roque - where'd that cat go?

Daily Walk

Just lately it seems the neighbourhood dogs have decided to join me on my walks.  Trouble is they’re a distraction and I miss seeing all the birds and other things I would normally notice.  ‘Jack’ decided I was good for company late last week.

But I did manage to see one bird before it flew off.