Sunrise over Mt Dandenong

I was photographing an event one morning this week and when I looked out the window the sun was just peeking over the distant hills. I love the hint of rays in the shot too. This is looking toward Mt Dandenong, Victoria.

The quote is something the guest speaker said that morning and I figured sunrise shows it’s the start of a new day.


Beautiful sunrise

I attend a weekly business networking event at a local golf course in Rowville. The windows of the building look over the course and to the Dandenong Ranges and Mt Dandenong beyond. As it’s an early morning meeting we sometimes get to see a great sunrise. This morning was one of those.

Sunrise in Rowville

Sunrise in Rowville

Sunrise in Rowville

I attend weekly business breakfast meetings in Rowville each Thursday. The view from our breakfast room looks out over the golf course towards Mt Dandenong is around 57km (just over 35 miles). We get to watch the sunrise each morning – some are a non-event, some quite lovely. But this morning’s was nothing less than spectacular. See for yourself!

D71_1222  D71_1223

The sun and the moon

Have been taking interest in sunrise and sunset and the same for the moon – rising and setting. Here are some more images relating to these.

Facing east from Belgrave-Hallam Road.

Facing west around the same time.

And a short time later facing East again

And a couple of days later, the full moon setting early morning.

Sunrise at Rowville

I attend a regular weekly business networking meeting at 7am each Thursday. With winter not far away, here in Melbourne, Australia, the mornings are quite dark when I’m on my way to this event.  It’s about a 20 minute trip for me but the view is well worth it once I arrive as I get to watch the sunrise.  The meeting is at golf club so we have beautiful grounds and our meeting room faces Mt Dandenong in the distance.

Here are just a couple of shots from one sunrise morning.