Birds I saw

Did you miss me? I’ve taken a few days break – coming home from a holiday means having to catch up with a few things workwise. But I think I can get back into my daily pattern here now.

We had a lovely time staying with family in the Clare Valley in South Australia so my images for the next few days will be from that region.

Below is a Willy Wagtail. It was on a table near the window of the house we were staying in. I haven’t seen one of these for quite awhile – they don’t seem as prevalent where I live in Victoria as they are in South Australia. Below that is a Musk Lorikeet which was checking out a new home I think. I’ve not seen one of these before but there were quite a few on the property where we went to have a BBQ. And further down another bird I’d not seen before. A White Plumed Honeyeater which was in a tree in the backyard of the place we were staying.

Willy Wagtail at Viv & Rod's

Musk Lorikeet checking out a new home

White Plumed Honeyeater

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