Big man grey

When I’m walking around Lysterfield Lake Park early in the mornings the wildlife don’t take off so fast and tend to just sit and watch as you pass by.

This boy is a very big Eastern Grey kangaroo. Check out his chest and shoulder muscles. If he had stood upright he would have towered over me. I’m only 5’2 in height. He wasn’t that far from me but was amongst trees and off the path. Doesn’t he look impressive?

241-365 Big man Eastern Grey Kangaroo

These two smaller roos were a fair way from me on the path but when they saw me they began bounding towards me, which I thought really unusual. And then veered off the path just short of reaching me.

Two kangaroos bound along the path

I guess they knew where they were going as I later noticed a well worn path in the scrub where they had turned off.

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